Welcome to St. Bernard’s School

Good News in Education

Thank you for your interest in St. Bernard’s School. Our Catholic elementary school is a kindergarten through fifth grade school in the Diocese of Ogdensburg. We welcome students of all faiths who seek a loving and nurturing environment.

I look forward to meeting you and speaking personally with you about St. Bernard’s School’s educational program. To schedule a visit or request more information, please contact me at 518-891-2830 or principal@stbernardsschool.org.

On behalf of our teachers and families here at St. Bernard’s School, we look forward to working with you and welcoming you to our community.

Ray Dora, Principal

A Happy, Wholesome Environment

All children coming from all faith traditions (or none) are welcome to attend St. Bernard’s, but our Catholic identity is an integral part of daily life and learning here. It is the reason our school exists, and we are committed to forming caring children whose good values will transform our community and our world.


St. Bernard’s emphasizes in-depth teaching in the basic areas of reading, writing, math, science, social studies and religion.

Education Goals
Music at St. Bernard’s School is a well rounded curriculum. We do sacred music, something you can’t really do at public schools. There is a rich tradition of music in the Church, and we are able to connect the students with that as well as musical theater. — Jessica Deeb, Music Teacher
Art class is a creative class with the aim of inspiring the child’s natural creativity. — Jenni Evans – Art Teacher
Physical education teacher Deborah Neill and Mr. Dora team up to give students plenty of exercise. In January 2012, St. Bernard’s fitness program was honored with a first-place award in the Empire BlueCross Get Active Get Fit School Challenge.
Technology teacher Sandra Fiorile helps kids engage in a variety of computer projects including technology concepts, digital citizenship, research and information retrieval to solve problems. A SMART Board and a mixture of platforms, Windows and Macs, in almost every classroom integrates modern technology into daily learning.
New in 2015 is introductory Spanish class for K through Grade 5 students. – Doug Zobel – Spanish Teacher